Kill la Kill: Kiryuin Satsuki

Cosplay & costume by us

Assistant: Xiao Chun

If you’re interested, we have a big tutorial how to sew Satsuki’s boots :)

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LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #8AL EWING (W) • LEE GARBETT (A/C)AXIS TIE-IN!• Marvel’s most honest and upright hero — now in his own magazine!• With a quip on his lips and a song in his merry heart, Loki continues his dashing quest for truth, justice and the Asgardian Way!• Guest-starring — the Enchantress! And some other people who think Loki’s “changed” somehow. BUT MOSTLY, THE ENCHANTRESS!

How to make sure what wigs sold on Taobao/Aliexpress look like in real life

You’ve maybe heard of Aliexpress. It’s an online shopping website where as a cosplayer you can find a big variety of wigs (among others), almost always cheaper than on ebay. Why is it so cheap? Aliexpress belongs to a Chinese company Alibaba that manages a whole lot of popular Chinese websites and applications, most famously Chinese biggest online shopping website called Taobao.

Thus, the wigs you buy on Aliexpress (their international shopping portal) come directly from China and are sold for much cheaper than on ebay. Consequently, the sellers you can find on Aliexpress you can also find on Taobao, selling exactly the same products.

Now why is this information relevant? When ordering something, you’d want to know if the seller is good and whether the wig actually looks the way it does on the pic. Problem is, many products on Aliexpress are not rated at all. BUT if you really want to be sure, you can go on Taobao and find the same product there, including ratings and maybe even pics of the product taken by buyers.

Few days ago we wanted to buy a wig that looked great on the photos provided by the seller. We double checked on taobao and found out by looking on reviews that the wig actually looked nothing like the seller suggested. Saved disappointment and time!

 The pics above show how to navigate taobao to find reviews and pictures taken by buyers.

One question remains: how to find the same product? That’s the trickiest part. There are tutorials explaining how to search for things on taobao. A few tips: if you’re looking for wigs, the Chinese word is 假发, then you can narrow down by adding the color (look it up on google translate) or the name of the anime and/or name of the character (you can look up the Chinese naming on wikipedia).

The process may be a bit time consuming, but it can really improve your wig shopping experience on Aliexpress!

If you’re interested in our cosplays, please take a look! :)

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swansenpai asked:
Hi! Im cosplaying for my first time as Satsuki and I have a question about the boot tutorial. When making the shoe cover, do you still use the cellophane/duct tape in the fabric? How do you connect the shoe covers to the bootleg with no visible seam lines?


To the first question: no, the only purpose the duct tape serves is to take a “mold” of your boot that you can just cut open and get a perfectly fitting pattern for the boot cover. Like any other pattern, its function ends the moment you cut out the fabric.

To the second question: I’ve actually never noticed that you don’t see the seam lines on photos, so I went back and checked… and you’re right, weirdly they can’t be seen and I’m kinda confused by it because I haven’t done it on purpose :D We don’t edit them out either, so I guess it must be the way white reflects on photos and blends the seam lines out. They are vísible in real life, I can assure that.

Code Geass: C.C. Clamp kimono
Cosplay + costumes by us
Photo by hybridre ( )
Assistant: Fei Fei

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Endless list of OTPs: [1/?]CC & Lelouch vi Brittania

"You are not alone. If you are a witch, then perhaps, I should be a demon."


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wipes my tears cause of chap 137

Tokyo Ghoul Ending Card: II


#KillalKill’s Kiryuin Satsuki, Ragyo and Ryuko Matoi by #cosplayer @Green_Makakas! #cosplay #anime (Photographer)

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Am I late? No. It’s never too late for more Umineko + text posts.
My favourite one is Rosa’s. Imagine her actually screaming this at that woman.

The latest Tokyo Ghoul arc: brought to you by George R.R. Martin!