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We can’t be the people that destroys humanity’s chance in life… What if the enemy is right?

Utopia, Series 1 Episode 6

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get to know weeb meme: [1/5] series Monster

"I woke up. I woke up from the dream."


French art director and illustrator Troqman makes clever use of both his pens and his sketchbooks as well as his surroundings in order to create entertaining drawings of characters appearing to interact with the real world. Our favorite pieces involve characters on multiple pages or sketchbooks interacting with each other as well as the 3D world. And then there’s Spider-Man who think’s he just found his long-lost father.

Troqman calls this playful hobby Cartoon Bombing and you can see a lot more of it over o Instagram or right here on Tumblr at troqman.

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Top 10 Shounen Series of all time

#2 Fullmetal Alchemist - Hiromu Arakawa

“A heart made full metal.”

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writing tip #700:



your characters are like geodes


if you want to see what they’re really made of


you must break them



Aldnoah.Zero (アルドノア・ゼロ) poster with Slaine and Inaho in Newtype Magazine (10/2014) illustrated by key animator Masahiro Kogure (小暮昌広).

does anyone else think Slaine and Inaho kinda traided personalities on this one?


but first


let me take a selfie


The Holy Grail War.
Two hundred years ago, the families known as the Founding Three, Einzbern, Makiri and Tohsaka, worked together to successfully summon the Holy Grail, said to have the power to grant any wish.
However, the Holy Grail would answer only one prayer and their cooperation turned into a bloody battle.
That was how the Holy Grail Wars began.

When you go to you library studying and you’re just annoyed and have to search through thousands of pages…


Erwin vs. Levi in the first “A Choice with No Regrets” trailer (x)


for real, though, Erwin’s a scary bastard! that first gif is pure nightmare fuel. he’s so gigantic compared to tiny Levi, I bet Levi’s thinking the titans have breached the wall D:


Levi x 3DMG in the “A Choice with No Regrets” trailer

The sequence is simply stunning.

Not a fan of the “Choice with No Regrets” manga, but can’t wait to see animated Levi again!

Don’t panick! Tokyo Ghoul manga is NOT ENDING!  Here it states that “第一部完“, which means that it’s the end of the FIRST PART of the manga. Which means there will be a second part.
Edit: Guys, a few people said that it’s NOT from Tokyo Ghoul, but from another manga! By the time I posted it I read it on TG’s Chinese baidu forums, and Chinese were pretty sure it’s from TG yesterday in the morning. Now, since many people are saying that it’s NOT from TG, I wanted to make this edit!